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Welcome to Arch MI's Videos Webpage

Come here whenever you need easy-to-follow instructions on the most common Arch MI origination processes. Each video is presented in a format that offers plenty of screen shots and tips to help you complete your transaction with maximum efficiency and ease of use.

This is also where you can find the most current video that reviews Arch MI's latest changes to its program guidelines, in simple, easy to understand language and guidance in identifying the key changes.

Operational & Instructional Videos

How to File a Claim for Loss on ArchMIConnect (formerly e-cmgmi)!

How to Download a Current Billilng File from ArchMIConnect (formerly e-cmgmi)p>

How to Complete Data Entry for a Mortgage Insurance Application on ArchMIConnect (formerly e-cmgmi)

How to Submit a MI Application via ArchMIConnect (formerly e-cmgmi)

How to Upload Documents via ArchMIConnect (formerly e-cmgmi)

How to Request an ArchMIConnect (formerly e-cmgmi) User ID

Please note: Adobe Flash Player is required to view Arch MI’s instructional videos.

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